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A journey into bible education with the depth of the of the oak the accountability of the stone

When I was walking past my husband’s work-from-home station the other day, I noticed that he was reading my latest blog post. As a subscriber to my blog, he gets an automatic email when I post something new.

What I didn’t realize about this automated program is that all of my colors and formatting is lost through this service.

A bit of the spirit of the blog was lost in translation, so to speak.

So, after talking to another very helpful blogger friend (Sarah Butterfield!), I decided to start an email service that would allow me to connect more with those who want to engage with the blog.

I’m now signed up with Mailchimp for email communication, and if you would like to continue to get notifications of a new blog (some of the subscribers will already be connected with the new system, but not those via WordPress), enter your email address here:

As an extra incentive, if you subscribe, you will be given five entries into the One Thousand Gifts giveaway to win this bundle of goodies:

The giveaway remains open until Thursday, September 3rd at noon (PST). I will announce the winner within 24 hours of giveaway closing (more details can be found by clicking on the image).

I would be honored if you choose to follow the work I believe God is leading me to accomplish.

with His love,


4 thoughts on “New & Improved

  1. Sharon Donald says:

    EUCHARISTEO!! love you Addi!

    1. Aw, Aunt Sharon, that’s right— you love this book as much as I do! Eucharisteo
      … love you!

  2. Rheanne says:

    Your so generous. I so love everything I got in the last giveaway! I just wanted to show support to you!

    1. Aw, Rheanne, this message brings me such joy. All I know is I love giving, and God asked me to give once a month in 2020… He knew people would need hope and joy this year. So glad we connected through here!

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