the Stone and the Oak

A journey into bible education with the depth of the of the oak the accountability of the stone

As I mentioned, I am taking it upon myself to learn all about the New Testament in 2020, and one of my first projects was to give myself a bird’s eye view of the books.

Furthermore, I am determined to bring my kids into my journey through these books in the hopes that they will learn along with me.

Thus this pegboard project was born.

The dark navy pegboard already existed as storage for the boys’ LEGOs, but the recent waning interest in LEGOs left the board empty and available. The pegboard is 4’x4’ and came in the natural color at Lowe’s. A little primer and one can of spray paint was plenty to turn it the color I wanted.

The pegboard is currently off the wall while a leak gets repaired in that room. Ideally, it will be re-hung in a few weeks.

Here was the process for creating the board:

I ordered some blank wooden slats from Amazon
And painted them in colors I liked that the boys also wouldn’t mind
I went with six different colors so that I could alternate them

Though the next part was time-consuming, it was the most helpful part for me. I’ve learned that I have a kinesthetic learning preference (I like to use movement in my learning). So writing out each book name and then painting it helped cement them in my mind.

I let the letters be imperfect as handmade things are prone to be
The last step for the slats—drill two holes in the top for hanging

I ordered the least expensive peg hooks because I needed so many. (these were shelf hooks).

To hang them, the boys and I made it a game. We piled the slats on the couch, and having listened to the books of the Bible song several times, they challenged themselves to hang them in order.

My oldest son was able to recite all of them without looking
and felt very proud

Just to be clear—memorization of the books of the Bible does not get anyone a first-class ticket into heaven. We can’t earn our way into heaven—in fact, we don’t have to! The entrance fee has already been paid for.

That being said, the bird’s eye view of the New Testament is a helpful tool for orientation. New knowledge is much more likely to remain if there is a solid foundation beneath it.

I think the next step will be to have the boys to write out one verse for each book of the Bible and hang the verses on the pegboard.

In February, I will be doing a different type of craft to assist in biblical education for the whole family. I hope you check back then!

with His love,


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