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A journey into bible education with the depth of the of the oak the accountability of the stone

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 had its challenges.

It would also not be fair to ignore all of the blessings tucked into the nooks and folds of its disheveled fabric.

One of the greatest blessings to me came in the form of heart-focused chats over coffee: the monthly feature of the blog I call Sips & Scripts.

Without question, each Sips & Scripts chat filled me with hope, encouragement, and inspiration for my own walk with the Lord.

The 11 women, 1 man, 1 babe-in-utero, and 1 chihuahua that were present for these heart-focused conversations all shaped my faith in some important way.

Take a look at these beautiful, God-loving faces and click on a chat that seems similar to your own walk with the Lord:

This is Kim. Her drink is a hot chocolate.

My beloved cousin, and the blog’s #1 supporter, Kim, bravely recounted her nine years of infertility and reminded me that God’s timing is always better than our own. Click here for the full chat.

This is Alexis. Her drink is a peach and mint tea with honey.

At the wise old age of 23, my kindred friend, Alexis, taught me four powerful and distinct practices for abiding in God in our circumstances. Click here to read our chat.

This is Gianna (carrying baby girl Luca at the time). Her drink is an iced Kuppa Joy.

My strong, God-loving friend, Giana, reminded me of the power of praying specific prayers, standing on those prayers, and watching God answer them as she detailed what it was like to see her young daughter through cancer. Click here for the full chat.

This is Kelly. Her drink is an iced Chai latte from our church coffee shop, the Frappe House.

My big-hearted cousin, Kelly, walked me through how the program Rooted helped to heal the bitter trauma of abuse in her past. Click here to read the full chat.

This is Amanda and her husband Alex. Their drinks are an iced amber latte and an iced cold brew, respectively.

Former tutor, now friend, Amanda, helped me understand how she and Alex (a newlywed missionary team) reach and mentor college students through the Chi Alpha organization. Click here to read the full chat.

This is Jade. Her drink is an iced maple cinnamon latte.

Once my son’s loving babysitter and now a passionate missionary, Jade, shared her experience witnessing to the LDS population in Utah and how individuals are won to the Lord by being loved first. Click here to read our full chat.

This is Michelle. Her drink is a coffee with homemade dulce de leche.

Longtime friend, Michelle, discussed two verses that help sustain her amidst the pandemic, especially during the burnout that we all were/are experiencing. Click here to read our full chat.

This is Hilary. Her drink is an iced vanilla latte.

My dear friend and mentor, Hilary, detailed God’s great faithfulness on the brink of her major life change: a cross-country move for her family of six. Click here to read our full chat.

This is Kim. Her drink is a homemade butter coffee.

One of my newest friends, but already one of my closest, Kim, showed me the benefit of bringing our kids in on our past struggles in order to bolster their own faith. Click here to read our full chat.

This is Emily. Her drink is an oat milk cappuccino.

YWAM missionary and all-around amazing young woman, Emily, shared with me the surrender that comes with listening to God about her future plans. Click here to read our full chat.

This is Shanda. Her drink is an iced skinny vanilla latte.

Women’s ministry leader and podcast host, Shanda, shared with me how motherhood and her ministry are recursive: they fuel one another. Click here to read our full chat.

I first want to say to each any everyone person listed above: thank you.

Truly, thank you, for sharing your story and opening your heart even if it made the conversation tender and vulnerable. Thank you for your trust in me and your candor; your words live on to help others in similar situations.

And thank you for the inspiration each of you offered me. I did not leave one of our chats without feeling my heart filled up with enthusiasm for God’s goodness.


I set out at the beginning of 2020 with a goal to post twice month for 11 months: once on a predetermined part of the New Testament, and once for the Sips & Scripts conversation.

Though I met my goal, I did feel that I may have given myself too much of a restriction at times. Determined to get each conversation published by the end of the month, I sometimes felt like I didn’t give my interviewee ample time to review the draft (especially for those who neared the end of the month). If I ever made you feel rushed, dear friends, forgive me.

And so I want to make some adjustments to the Sips & Scripts feature moving forward:

  • The feature will no longer be limited to calendar months. When friends and topics present themselves organically, I will conduct them.
  • I will open up my “interviewee” list to people beyond my area. Sips & Scripts over Zoom can absolutely occur!
  • I will open up the Sips & Scripts feature to requests. If you or someone you know has a story to tell or something on his/her heart, email me at with your request.

Mugs full, Bibles open, friends.

with His love,


3 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2020: Sips & Scripts

  1. I don’t know how I missed this when it was published. Great idea to to do a year in review. As you know, one of your interviewees holds a special place in my heart. 💖☕

    1. Of course! Sweet Jade! Love that girl

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