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I first put together this guide in April of 2020 when small shops were hit hard by the pandemic. And I found myself enjoying the process of curating creative Christian products so much (say curating creative Christian 3x fast) —- in fact, I even got to know some of the shop owners.

And though I had no idea of it then, but I have since become a Christian small shop owner myself.

So I will present 8 wonderful, faith-based shops with items mom will love, and then I’ll introduce my spring line of items in the Stone & the Oak shop.


I will never try to convince you that you need to accumulate more things on this earth. Jesus reminds us to store up treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy.

That being said, when we do purchase items—say, a gift for mom—we can be mindful of where our dollars are going.

Where we place our dollars is like casting a vote for what companies will prosper.

If we put our money towards Christian-based shops, we are helping those Christian shop owners prosper which will give them more resources to do good works for our Lord.

Am I saying that we should never shop at big-box stores? Not at all. I am fully aware that many consumers have limited budgets and options when it comes to their purchases. Big box stores are a blessing in those cases.

But if you do have the resources to shop small, consider buying your Mother’s Day gift from a Christian small shop this year..

I’ll tell you a little more about each one of the nine I’ve included here:

1. Hills and Valleys Studio: hand-embroidered gifts

Kelleigh is a fiber artist in Mesa, Arizona, and I have been blessed to get to know her better through Instagram! We even did a joint giveaway with one rainbow and a crewneck sweatshirt from my shop.

Each piece that Kelleigh makes is unique, and you can tell by the pictures that she has been focusing on rainbows in her recent work.

If you know a mom who has a rainbow baby (a baby born after a pregnancy loss), these beautiful hand-embroidered hoops are a sweet way to celebrate God’s faithfulness.

Mother’s Day gift for rainbow babies
From Hills and Valleys Studio on Instagram

She does have an ETSY shop (click here to access) but she says most of her inventory is listed on her Instagram page @hillsandvalleys_studios (click here). Head over to her account, and find her story highlight that says “for sale.”

from @hillsandvalleys_studios on Instagram

Be sure to purchase by Friday, April 23rd to get your handmade item by Mother’s Day.

2. Pretty Little Pots : handmade ceramic gifts

Canadian friends, here is one for you! Kerri hand-makes all of her mugs, bowls, and planters in her Canadian shop. But American friends, she’s got you covered as well with shipping to the US.

I love this bowl from her spring line that includes that sweet French Country pattern… so darling!

French Country Pottery for Mother’s Day Gifts
Click the image to shop

And if you have a mom who loves the farmhouse aesthetic, maybe she needs this mug for her morning coffee:

Farmhouse Mug for Mom
Click the image to shop

Kerri says the last day to order for delivery by Mother’s Day is April 25th in America, and the last day to order in Canada is April 30th.

Click here to follow Kerry on Instagram, and click here to be taken to the Etsy shop with the rest of her inventory.

3. She Pens Truth: watercolor gifts

Maggie Greenway really does it all: writing Bible studies, painting beautiful watercolors, and running her She Pens Truth shop.

Last year, I did Maggie’s study on Philippians, and we have been Instagram pals ever since (click here to follow her on Instagram).

She creates beautiful prints and gifts from her watercolors, and one of my favorite items in her shop is a set of stationary cards with encouraging verses:

Click the image to shop this notecard set

But you are getting a sneak peek here at her special Mother’s Day gift series:

  • Original watercolors in the Floral Encouragement series. The painting is 4×6″ and comes in these lovely floating frames.
  • The Floral Encouragement series is also available in a set of prints with wooden holder (perfect for a desk).
  • For a budget-friendly option, she is launching a couple new sticker designs from that same series (great for mom’s refillable water bottle)

Starting Thursday (the 14th) at 4pm PST, Maggie will be launching this special Mother’s Day line via her shop. Click here to be taken to her shop.

Want 15% off? Click here (and scroll all the way down) to get on Maggie’s email list to get a coupon for her Mother’s Day Market (Thursday the 15th after 4pm through Sunday the 18th).

All of her items will be ready to ship, so she can accept domestic orders until May 1st.

4. Dandelions in December: pressed floral jewelry and gifts

Shiela is an artisan who uses resin to preserve treasures from nature. She is known for her preserved floral jewelry items that come in several different casings.

Sheila likes to include references to scripture in her works as well. She has several pendants that include a mustard seed to represent Jesus’ reminder that even a little bit of faith can change everything.

Last year she collaborated with Natalie, from Vintage Porch, to create a necklace inspired by the verse: “Truly, I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move” Matthew 17.20

If you find her on Instagram (click here), you will see she has been playing around with making pressed flower cottages and churches!

Send her a DM on Instagram to inquire about purchasing one of those adorable new creations.

Sheila tells me that all orders placed by April 23rd will arrive in time for Mother’s Day.

5. Birch Fine Tea: gourmet loose-leaf teas

As a tea-drinker myself, I would love to have a specialty loose-leaf tea gifted to me (hello lavender earl grey).

And if your mom is a tea drinker, this makes deciding what to get her really easy!

from @birchfinetea on Instagram

Based out of North Carolina, Birch Fine Tea offers gourmet specialty teas in 2oz increments. Most bags run between $9-$15 Check out their collection of teas on their website.

From @birchfinetea on Instagram

Imagine a bag of special tea paired with a sweet little tea steeper. Steeper? Ok, I just looked it up — tea infuser.

And give them a follow on Instagram as well (click here).

6. Antique Candle Co: hand-poured soy candles

I don’t think I can state enough just how much I love this company! I have been a customer of Antique Candle Co for a few years now, and I was drawn to it because the company keeps Christ at the center of its narrative.

The founder of the company, Brittany, started this company with $200 worth of candle making supplies and faith. Six years later, she employs a team of 30+ employees who hand-pour each candle in Lafayette, IN. They use domestic soybeans and non-toxic fragrance oils to ensure a quality product.

I use the candles in almost all of my giveaways, and I have a rotating selection of my own favorites.

They are seasonally-driven, so expect fresh, fruity scents in the spring and summer and warm, cozy scents for the fall and winter.

They recently launched lemon eucalyptus and pink grapefruit which both sound so incredibly refreshing!

Click the image and select “new fragrances” to shop Lemon Eucalyptus and Pink Grapefruit

On their website they do run occasional sales, and they offer 15% off your first order if you subscribe to their email list.

The antique part of their name comes from their practice of finding antique treasures (tins and copper vessels) and filling them with soy candle goodness. Each antique find runs more than the mason jar prices above, but you may just score a tin that strikes nostalgia with your mom:

Find the full collection at and click here to follow their Instagram where they keep Christ at the center of their mission.

7. Sparrow Soaps

Sparrow soaps is a family goat farm in Connecticut that uses the raw goat milk to create the most beautiful bars of soap I have ever seen.

They are always posting pictures of their cute kids and friendly goats over on their Instagram page: @sparrowsoaps.

Image from their Instagram (click to be taken there)
Image from their Instagram (click to be taken there)

Individual bars run $7 a piece plus shipping, but they have lots of sets for sale at a great deal:

Click the image to shop this set of 6 for only $18

And did you know goatsmilk soap is incredibly nourishing for the skin? Another gift to pamper mom.

Here’s a link to their website for ordering. Orders placed by May 2nd should be delivered in time for Mother’s Day.

8. Jenna Makes Jewelry: handmade earrings

Locals to Clovis and Fresno, this one hits home! I met Jenna through my church (she has even babysit my little ones before), and she makes the most lovely statement earrings which I find to be well below market value.

I have purchased one set for a friend, but I have my eye on that yellow pair (shall I get a Mother’s Day present for myself?!)

Click image to shop these yellow beauties

The guiding verse for Jenna’s shop is “You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you” (Song of Songs 4.7).

Click here to shop Jenna’s Etsy site, and click here to give her a follow on Instagram.

Jenna says you can order online until April 30th and until May 5th for local pick-up orders (hello last minute gifting!)

9. the Stone & the Oak: Christian apparel

It would be weird to create a smallshop guide and not include my own smallshop, right?

I started the line of His wear to funnel my love of clothing into something fruitful for Him. The line is based on Luke 9.26, and if you want to read more about how the shop came to be click here to read the blog post about the origin.

Click image to be taken to the shop

I am thrilled that I have been able to create items for the warm spring and summer seasons!

Though the professional pics are coming, here is an early look at the items:

The Lucca tee (white V neck) and the Landyn tee (the sea mist crewneck)

I test the shirts before I order them because I am only interested in super soft, comfortable shirts— no scratchy shirts here!

The Anne (circle patch) and the Aaron (square patch) are trucker-style caps with hand-stitched leather patches

If you are interested in become a His Wear promoter, click here to be taken to my Instagram and DM me to get 50% off the new shirts and 40% off the new hats in exchange for promotion on social media.

If you want to sneak into the shop and snag some spring items before the official spring launch (4/26), click here.

Orders placed by May 1st should arrive in time for Mother’s Day.

I hope this list inspired you to get your mom something special while also supporting a Christian smallshop.

Love hard on those mamas this year— especially those you haven’t seen in person in too long— like my own.

with His love,


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