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A journey into bible education with the depth of the of the oak the accountability of the stone

Now, don’t get me wrong, my kids’ baskets will have candy in them. I just don’t think kids need only candy filling their Easter baskets.

Why not add some items that will fuel their love for the Lord, get them outdoors, or give them something fun to do Easter afternoon?

I’ve put together this guide to help parents find some healthy additions to tuck into the shredded grass form Easter morning.


  • Amazon prices aren’t fixed. The prices drop and rise a little from day-to-day, so the price I have included was the price listed on the day I visited each item. Also, don’t ask me why the toddler items are more expensive than the rest— seems backwards to me!
  • When I polled my audience, most people indicated they like spending $20-40 per basket. Please keep in mind that I offer several items per age, but I am not suggesting that you purchase all of those items (that would be pricey!) I am hoping you find one or two things that would bless your kiddo.
  • I am an Amazon affiliate, but by no means do you have to use my links. If you are grateful for the curation and recommendations, using the links I provide means I get a couple of pennies kicked into my blog fund at no additional cost to you. In other words, shopping my links means you are getting something for your child and supporting me at the same time.


Its never too early to teach little ones about Jesus’ sacrifice. Have your toddler learn the phrase “Jesus is the lamb” as they squeeze this little guy. Click here to shop this plush lamb.

I love blending practical items into the basket. This soft, neutral set looks like the perfect romp-around outfit! Click here to shop this sweet little set.

Song is one of the best ways to ingrain something in the mind. Get those little voices singing along to “Jesus loves me!” Click here to shop the little song book.

When my boys were toddlers, this was a favorite! The egg shape is good for little hands to grip when they don’t have the dexterity for regular chalk pieces. Click here to shop the 12 pack of egg chalk.

Okay, how cute is this? I wish I had known about this when my boys were tiny! It’s Biblical, snuggly, and fun all at once. Click here to shop the Noah’s Ark plush set


I love that these coloring pages have the large images and thick lines for little hands! Click here to shop the coloring book,

and click here to shop the rustic coloring pencils.

Give those kids a reason to get outdoors! We have all been cooped up enough this last year. These warm-weather-themed wands require nothing but bubble solution and kid energy. Click here to shop the bubble wand set,

And so you don’t blame me for not reminding you, consider grabbing some bubble solution to go with it.

We loved Priddy books in the preschool years! Some of them are touch-and-feel books, and others like this one have colorful, minimal images for little ones to learn terms. I’m thinking of adding this to my cart for my littlest. Click here to shop the First Bible Words book.

The smell of Play-Doh takes me right back to childhood! What I love about this set is that if you have multiple kids, they can each get an egg of Play-Doh! Click here to shop Play-Doh filled eggs.


Are you traveling to see family for Easter dinner? This is a perfect little travel item!Click Here to shop the Water Wow Bible story activity pad

Okay, this might be my desire to shop for a girl coming through, but fun chapstick is an inexpensive basket item and the egg shape is right on theme! Click here for the egg chapstick,

and click here for the Lipsmackers in the fun flavors.

We have loved The Jesus Storybook Bible in our home for years (in fact, we may need a fresh copy!) but I just learned that there is a companion coloring book. Click here for the Jesus Storybook Bible,

and click here for the companion coloring book.

Uno is one of those rare games that is truly fun for a bunch of ages. We recently played an epic game of Uno that included an age span from my 4-year-old all the way up to his 70-year-old grandpa. This particular set is made of paper instead of plastic! Click here to shop the paper Uno set.

If you have kids the same ages as mine, you know that elementary-aged kids love slime and gak and all things gooey (it defies logic). This slime is iridescent! Click here to shop a 6 pack of eggs with slime.

Glitter tattoos that identify your kids as Christ-followers? Score. Click here to shop the Easter tattoos.


As a companion to The Action Bible, or perhaps to be enjoyed on their own, this set of 54 “hero” cards give information about the Bible’s bravest. Click here to shop these Action Bible cards.

Do you have an outdoorsy one? One who has a green thumb? This collection of six may mean you have a couple leftover to gift to Sunday School teachers! Click here to shop the 6-pack of mini terracotta grow pots (you may need to make the 6 pack selection after clicking on the first link).

This is an item I might get for myself this Easter! Straight from Bethlehem, this olive wood cross is meant to be held during prayer. As your pre-teens and teens develop their prayer life, this could be a fitting addition to their basket. Click here to shop this olive wood cling cross.

I mentioned practicality, right? If your pre-teen is anything like my eldest, having a fun mask makes them feel like they are expressing themselves. I love the washable masks that reduce waste. Click here to shop this tie-dye mask in Jade.

It’s getting sunny out there! Equip your kids for the spring and summer with some classic aviators. Click here to shop this pair (you may need to select “Gold/Mirror” to get the exact shade I have pictured here).

I didn’t forget your artistic pre-teen! This set has 44 cards with scripture and messages to color and share. Click here to shop the color cards.


The poll revealed that you all wanted to see some cute baskets as well, so here we are!

Now, for wicker/straw style baskets, you are better off going to a dollar store or Target because they are much pricier online.

But here are a few cute non-straw baskets I rounded up if you are in the market:

This burlap tote may be my favorite! It’s deceptive in size because it’s actually closer to a reusable bag size. This one clocks in at the least expensive. Choose this one for kiddos who want to dig for their prizes on Easter morning rather than have them on display.

Click here to shop the burlap tote.

This minimal woven basket is good for little ones who are likely to need room for a larger item like a stuffed animal. Plus, I love that this one can be emptied out after Easter and used as storage in the house!

Click here to shop this woven basket (they also have pink and other colors!)

On a budget and need to get several baskets? These woven bread baskets can be purchase three for $18 and offer that understated foundation for your goodies to really shine.

Click here for the woven bread baskets

These little knit baskets have clip-on ears that can be removed! The ears are cute, but I would maybe remove them and attach a little wooden cross on the front for a truly Easter-centered basket.

These are on the small side, so save for baskets with tinier items. Click here to shop this basket.

I hope this guide leaves you inspired to stuff those baskets with items that delight without the cost of cavities!

with His love,


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